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As Minhas Aventuras – A Prevenção do Rei

Para você que gosta de Literatura Fantástica, Eu Edney Estou escrevendo uma Super História de fantasia.
Por favor, dêem uma lida e me diga o que acharam.

Prevention of the King Afraid of losing its most precious relic of the Martyr King ordered his troops to exterminate the outsider.
Then the group of riders, Orochimera Soldiers marched in a single tone, as drums synchronized. They positioned themselves in attack mode in two rows. Each man carried a shield on the chest and a sword in its sheath. They wore their battle dress. But they were still confused, because they knew little about his mission and asked for for themselves why only 20 men against one.
The front of the warriors was just a man sitting under a stone on his back smoking a long pipe. He had brown skin from the sun desertificante. He was tall and strong with the back marked by plagues, and cut by swords and whips. On his return some weapons bead on the ground like spears, axes, swords, and other accessories of war.
The Captain with his sword in one hand and the other a banner with the arms of the kingdom of Orochimera ordered the attack:
- Warriors. If we end up with our enemy, the king promised gold, riches in abundance. Do not be fooled by one man, merciless attack, attack to kill. - He took a breath and then shouting with enthusiasm and raise the spirits of the troops - The Attack!. That said the troops advanced fiercely like dogs at the command of its owner.
When they arrived near the opponent group divided forming a circle around the mysterious man that so little moved. The group was closing in until there was no avenue for escape.
But the great man wanted to escape. His smile denounced. Through his eyes you saw the fighting were frequent and inevitable.

And then one man stepped forward. The great opponent to be attacked retaliated by turning it with his spear above his head and setting up and making everyone retreat. He turned around his body as a great master of all weapons away from avoiding a direct attack.
Standing now on alert and launched his gun across three warriors at the time of the chest. He pulled out two swords slashed its collection and many others. Their skills with weapons were exceptional, because it has dropped or defended or a coup, countered with his left hand and struck with the right, the blood splattered everywhere as if the lord of death painted one of his masterpieces. The strong red, then swept around them.It did not take long for it all to the ground were injured or killed. Leaving in only the captain, seeing everything coward upon his horse there is a safe distance.
In an attempt to escape, an arrow through the neck of his horse. Taking it to the floor. The shot was so precise that the captain without a sword or even to defend the flag had trembling in his fall.
The man stood before the coward trying to get up and already begging for his life. - I will not kill you, but this has to do me a favor.
- Tell my brother Martyr King that in two days I'll get back what belongs to me. Tell him not to forget every second I spent in prison, I will spare his life if I deliver what I want and who refuses his head will be my trophy. For I will gather Monterus all parts of my armor that which was entrusted to me.
After saying this has grabbed the arm of the defeated captain, forbidden words whispered and arm disappeared.
- If a day does not pass the message on one day, will not see his arm again and will hunt you for just fun.
Clumsy the poor captain ran towards the castle Oricimera which was some 15 miles away.
Monterus took its course in the opposite direction of the kingdom of Oricimera their fists in search of vigilante justice in the kingdom which is neighbor to the north.

Continued ...

Dear reader friends,
I wrote this tale, To give a preview of the story I'm developing and wondered what they think. This is very important to me. email